Is THIS The Ultimate Tool (& Money-Saver Too) For Mechanics & DIYers?

This might end up costing me a few hundred bucks!

I’d just dropped my wrench for the second time trying to take out a car battery,… and this time it ended inside the engine bay.

Luckily I could just about see it resting awkwardly on the recess of the engine… not the best place to end up!

After an hour of trying with my trusty old grabber… and my knuckles bruised red raw… I heard a loud “TWANG” as the spring in the handle violently uncoiled and fell apart.

I slammed it into the trash in disgust and decided to phone my friend Bill for help.

Bill and I often help each other out when we’re stuck on stuff. Bill is a master ‘tinkerer’ and is a good mechanic. He’s also a gadget freak… whereas I’ve got a lot of old tools my Dad handed down to me over the  years…

…so I wasn’t surprised when he pulled out a gadget that looked more like it belonged in the next century.

He pulled out the end of this tool, and bent the middle section into shape. Then he pointed the gadget into the hole…. And 10 seconds later out came my trusty wrench!

I was genuinely worried that if I took the car to the garage they’d have to take the engine apart… and it would have cost me a lot of money… so I was really grateful.

“So what is this tool?” I asked Bill.

“It’s a bit like having the long bendy arm you wish you always had that can get to places you can’t reach,” he replied.

“And It’s really handy to have around in case you need it.

I find it super useful for projects around the house too… and now my hands have mild arthritis… It’s the only grabber tool I’ve found that’s sturdy, easy to use and can do the job. 

It’s saved me hours of time and probably a whole heap of money. It’s called the ODii Power Grip Pro”…

What is the ODii Power grip Pro?

The ODii 3 in 1  Power Pick Up Pro

“It’s the ultimate search, find and rescue tool” that effortlessly retrieves objects from hard to get to places.

It was designed by Ken Buxton who was on Dragon’s Den, which is the American equivalent of TV show Shark Tank.

They loved the idea and it got funding right away. It’s been on TV shows across the world…and it’s flying off the shelves with over 60,000 sales already.

At first glance the ODii 3 in 1 Pick Up Power Grip  looks like something from the next century…

But it’s way more than that.

It’s a revolutionary super-strong tool  for mechanics, that can also be used for home too… and makes retrieving dropped items from hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

Folded together it measures only 21.5 inches. This makes it ultra-convenient and it can easily be put away in a drawer or the glove compartment of your car.

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip comes as 3 tools in 1

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is made up of 3 main parts…

The body, a long reach shaft and 4 prong pick-up claw.

The body is made from both plastic and aluminium, which makes it really sturdy… and super easy to hold with it’s strong ergonomic handle. 

#1 ODii Pick-Up Power Grip Main Tool Main Body.

There’s a flexible 36” inch shaft housed inside the body, which when pulled out makes reaching into hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

And then attached to the end of the retractable shaft is a patented 4 prong claw which is pure genius. Unlike other inferior products, it takes very little strength to grip anything really tight… so it’s suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

#2 Flexible detachable & retractable rod with power magnet: 

Attached to the body is the second tool… a lightweight retractable telescopic rod that has a super-powerful neodymium magnet attached to the end… which is useful for when the item is harder to retrieve.

The magnet itself can also hold 2 pounds in weight, which makes picking up ferrous objects like keys, nuts and bolts or other metal objects that are easier to get to… super simple.

When not being used this folds neatly out of the way onto the side of the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip.

#3 Bright LED Light: 

Can’t see where you dropped your reading glasses under the sofa? 

No problem! There’s an ultra-bright light attached to the body of your ODii Pick-Up Power Grip. This is really useful for when you drop something into somewhere dark, like holes, cracks or crevices… so no more fumbling around on your hands and knees any more!

How to use the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip

Using the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip couldn’t be easier. 

And it’s being hailed as the ultimate “search, find and rescue tool” for both mechanicsDIYers and for anyone who drops anything!

Imagine you’ve dropped a screw and it’s slid underneath a recess of the engine. You can’t see where it is…

No need to worry… because this is where “search, find and rescue” comes in.

  1. Just use the powerful torch attachment to search & find the nut
  2. Extend the strong and flexible rod
  3. Use the ultra-secure 4-prong claws or powerful magnet to rescue your item
  4. And that’s it — “you’ve retrieved your screw”

Then relax, fold it back up and store it away, ready for the next time you need it… and not forgetting to put the nut somewhere safe again.

However, the ODii Power Pick Up Pro can be used to retrieve loads more things too, not just mechanical stuff…

Dropped keys down the side of the car seat? No problem… the Power Pick up Pro handles it.

Hairs clogging up the bathroom plug? … Or dropped a screw behind a cupboard… no problem, the Power Pick Up Pro takes care of it!

Like Bill, since I’ve had mine, I’ve used it to clear a blocked drain, to retrieve my wife’s earring and even retrieve a dog toy from behind our cooker…

It’s incredibly useful… and I’ve now got one for the garage, one for home and one for inside the car… for when I need them

And when I’ve helped friends and family members retrieve things, most of them have gone out and bought one… and they love it.

The only thing I’ve advised them is if they think they want it, get it right away if they can, because when the news networks get hold of it, they go short supply for a while.

For me I still love my old tools, but this is my favorite and the most useful when tinkering on the car and around the house, because I know I don’t have to worry about dropping things any more. It’s been really liberating.


UPDATE: Here’s where you can get the best deal on an ODii Pick-Up Power Grip.

ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is now available nationwide – and even better, they’re offering a bunch of special “early bird discounts”… so this is the perfect time to stock up!

Obviously, the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is perfect for your home– but they’re also great to have in the car, garage or office even. They also make great gifts for loved ones as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When ODii Pick-Up Power Grip was first released to the public, they sold out in days. As of this writing, they’re back in stock – but there’s no guarantee it will last. So if you’re thinking of grabbing your own set of ODii Pick-Up Power Grip and one for a loved one, I suggest doing it ASAP in case they run out again soon. Click here to get your  ODii Pick-UP Power Grip

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