Is THIS The Biggest Threat To Hit The Over 65’s This Century? (It’s not a virus…)

The National Institute of Health reports that 1,845,987 people over 65 in America will have a bad fall this year resulting in serious and life changing injuries.

Injuries like broken bones in the wrist, legs and hips… and even head injuries, that cause brain damage.

Older people are way more vulnerable when they break something and have a 5 to 8-fold increased risk of dying from other non-fall related illnesses, for at least 3 months after the break. 

So it’s not just about the break… it’s what happens to them after the break.

And shockingly….

One person in America also dies from a fall every 19 minutes…

And those who do survive can go downhill very rapidly.

They report feeling more stressed and anxious about going out, with roughly half no longer meeting socially and with huge fears of going into a home.

In fact 80% of women said they’d rather die than experience the loss of independence and quality of life that results from a bad hip fracture and subsequent admission to a nursing home.

Why do older people fall?

A lot has to do with loss of coordination and timing, a decrease in muscle strength and reaction times as well as a whole host of other reasons.

Certain drugs can also impair balance and people who take 4 drugs or more are proven to be at a higher risk of falling.

Whatever the reasons for falling, this is a problem of pandemic proportions. It’s unfairly ravaging our older generations and costs us over $50bn a year to treat.

But what can we do to stop this?

This was the question inventor Ken Buxton struggled with when he heard how Betty, an elderly neighbour fell and broke her hip trying to retrieve her reading glasses off the floor…

And how after 6 weeks her condition worsened… and she suddenly found herself at death’s door!

Ken had just won a major investment on a TV program called Dragon’s Den, which is the American equivalent of Shark Tank in America… and was in the middle of putting finishing touches on a prototype retrieval tool he got funding for…

When he heard about Betty’s plight.

He wondered how this tool he’d already designed could be better adapted to help and serve the older generation… and what would need to happen to make it useful for the day-to-day situations they find themselves in?

With his backers 100% behind him and his thinking cap firmly in place… 

The ODii Pick Up Pro was born.

So what is the ODii 3-in-1 Power Pick Up Pro? 

Some people are calling it the ultimate search, find and rescue tool 

And because of its patented design… it’s proven really useful for everyone… especially older generations who struggle to bend down and pick things up from hard-to-get to places.

It measures just 21.5 inches when folded… and can extend 3ft when needed.

It’s super strong design makes it perfect for picking up small items around the home, in your car, or while you’re at work…and makes retrieving dropped items from hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip comes as 3 tools in 1

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is made up of 3 main parts…

The body, a long reach shaft and 4 prong pick-up claw.
The body is made from both plastic and aluminium, which makes it really sturdy… and super easy to hold with it’s strong ergonomic handle. 
It’s also suitable for older people who have less strength, because it takes very little pressure to grip things really tightly when retrieving lost items.

#1 ODii Pick-Up Power Grip Main Tool Main Body.

There’s a flexible 36” inch shaft housed inside the body, which when pulled out makes reaching into hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

And then attached to the end of the retractable shaft is a patented 4 prong claw which is pure genius. Unlike other inferior products, it takes very little strength to grip anything really tight… so it’s suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

#2 Flexible detachable & retractable rod with power magnet: 

Attached to the body is the second tool… a lightweight retractable telescopic rod that has a super-powerful neodymium magnet attached to the end… which is useful for when the item is harder to retrieve.

The magnet itself can also hold 2 pounds in weight, which makes picking up ferrous objects like keys, nuts and bolts or other metal objects that are easier to get to… super simple.

When not being used this folds neatly out of the way onto the side of the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip.

#3 Bright LED Light: 

Can’t see where you dropped your reading glasses under the sofa? 

No problem! There’s an ultra-bright light attached to the body of your ODii Pick-Up Power Grip. This is really useful for when you drop something into somewhere dark, like holes, cracks or crevices… so no more fumbling around on your hands and knees any more!

How to use the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip

Using the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip couldn’t be easier. 

Imagine you’ve dropped a set of keys on the floor and they’ve slid under the fridge freezer. You can’t see where they are.

No need to worry…

  1. Just use the powerful torch attachment to locate your keys
  2. Extend the strong and flexible rod
  3. Use the ultra-secure 4-prong claws or powerful magnet to grab your item

And that’s it — “you’ve retrieved your keys”

Then simply retrieve the keys, fold the ODii Pick Up Pro away and stow it away for next time.

Now smile and relax knowing everything’s back to normal, and you’re much less likely to take a nasty tumble.

The ODii Power Pick Up Pro can hold up to 10 pounds in weight and be used to retrieve lots of things…

However, it’s not just for picking things up off the floor…

It is ultra handy for DIY and car repairs also.

Dropped keys down the side of the car seat? No problem… the Power Pick up Pro handles it.

Hairs clogging up the bathroom plug? … 

Or dropped a screw behind a cupboard… no problem, the Power Pick Up Pro takes care of it!

It’s been used to retrieve reading glasses from under a chair, a fork from under the dining table and a hair grip from under a bed. 

Many people have now got 2 or more… one for their home, car or garage, so they never have to struggle to retrieve things again.

As Ken says: “This tool can’t stop everyone falling, but there are many instances where it can help. And If it helps stop just one person from hurting themselves or worse… it’s worth it.”


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Obviously, the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is perfect for your home– but they’re also great to have in the car, garage or office even. They also make great gifts for loved ones as well!

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