Does this weird 3-in-1 tool give the over 60’s a second shot at youth?

“Oh I feel so stupid.” Mom blurted out as she sobbed uncontrollably. 

“I gave Olivia my engagement ring to play with, because she said it made her look like a princess… 

And then when I went to get a drink, she decided to get on her step in the bathroom and clean it, to make it sparkle more.

It was really kind and it’s not her fault, so please don’t tell her off…

But now she’s dropped it down the sink. It’s gone!”

Tears kept streaming down my mom’s face as she continued…

“Your Dad loves that ring. I know he remembers it, because when I visit and we hold hands, he rubs it… it’s one of the only things that calms him when he’s feeling confused and anxious.

…He’ll be heartbroken!”

I hadn’t seen my Mom that upset since my Dad’s Alzheimer’s got worse and he had to move into a home. Before that they’d been together for 45 years and were really happy. 

I tried feeling around inside the drain with a coat hanger for ages… but I couldn’t feel a thing.

Then Mom said…

“Why don’t you knock on Pete’s door at #23. He’s always really helpful and I know he’s got loads of tools.”

So I went and knocked on the door, and Pete answered…

“I think I’ve got just the thing!” He said.

2 minutes later Pete’s standing at the sink with a strange looking tool…

I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“I can see it.” He says as he extends the end of it.

Then, 5 seconds later…

“Gotcha! Here you go ladies… here’s your ring. Not even a scratch on it.”

My Mom was in floods of tears again… This time from relief.

Peter was definitely a hero that day.

Smiling he said, “I’ve used this tool so many times. It’s so handy and easy to use even with my arthritic hands…I have 2 of these… one in for the house and one for the car.”

My brother bought me them as a present and I love them.

He says he first saw it on a TV program called Dragons Den in Canada, which is the same show as Shark Tank in America…

And even though I’d never heard of it, it’s already sold over 60,000 units as more and more people hear about it.

It’s called the ODii 3-in-1 Power Pick Up Pro.

So what is the ODii 3-in-1 Power Pick Up Pro? 

Some people are calling it the ultimate search, find and rescue tool, because it effortlessly retrieves objects from hard to reach places.

It measures just 21.5 inches when folded… can extend 3ft when needed.

And it’s super strong design makes it perfect for picking up small items around the home, in your car, or while you’re at work…and makes retrieving dropped items from hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip comes as 3 tools in 1

The ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is made up of 3 main parts…

The body, a long reach shaft and 4 prong pick-up claw.

The body is made from both plastic and aluminium, which makes it really sturdy… and super easy to hold with it’s strong ergonomic handle. 

#1 ODii Pick-Up Power Grip Main Tool Main Body.

There’s a flexible 36” inch shaft housed inside the body, which when pulled out makes reaching into hard-to-get-to places a breeze.

And then attached to the end of the retractable shaft is a patented 4 prong claw which is pure genius. Unlike other inferior products, it takes very little strength to grip anything really tight… so it’s suitable for people of all ages and strengths.

#2 Flexible detachable & retractable rod with power magnet: 

Attached to the body is the second tool… a lightweight retractable telescopic rod that has a super-powerful neodymium magnet attached to the end… which is useful for when the item is harder to retrieve.

The magnet itself can also hold 2 pounds in weight, which makes picking up ferrous objects like keys, nuts and bolts or other metal objects that are easier to get to… super simple.

When not being used this folds neatly out of the way onto the side of the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip.

#3 Bright LED Light: 

Can’t see where you dropped your reading glasses under the sofa? 

No problem! There’s an ultra-bright light attached to the body of your ODii Pick-Up Power Grip. This is really useful for when you drop something into somewhere dark, like holes, cracks or crevices… so no more fumbling around on your hands and knees any more!

How to use the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip

Using the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip couldn’t be easier. 

Imagine you’ve dropped a set of keys on the floor and they’ve slid under the fridge freezer. You can’t see where they are.

No need to worry…

  1. Just use the powerful torch attachment to locate your keys
  2. Extend the strong and flexible rod
  3. Use the ultra-secure 4-prong claws or powerful magnet to grab your item
  4. And that’s it — “you’ve retrieved your keys”

Then simply retrieve the keys, fold the ODii Pick Up Pro away and stow it away for next time.

Now smile and relax knowing you’ve just saved yourself a whole load of time and frustration.

The ODii Power Pick Up Pro can hold up to 10 pounds in weight and be used to retrieve lots of things…

Dropped keys down the side of the car seat? No problem… the Power Pick up Pro handles it.

Hairs clogging up the bathroom plug? … 

Or dropped a screw behind a cupboard… no problem, the Power Pick Up Pro takes care of it!

My Mom has used it to retrieve reading glasses from under the chair, a fork she dropped under the dining table and a hair grip from under the bed. 

She says…

“It makes me feel young again and I love that I don’t have to rely 

on other people to retrieve things for me anymore.”

She’s now got 2 for the home and 1 for her car.

For me it’s also been a Godsend.

I bought an extra one for myself to put in my garage.  

also bought one for my Aunt who is my Mom’s sister… because she’s got a bad back and finds it difficult to bend down and pick things up off the floor. She also loves it.

However, what I’m most grateful for is how it alleviated Mom’s distress so quickly when she dropped her precious diamond ring… and also how empowered she now feels.

In fact, every time she takes her ODii Pick-Up Power Grip out to retrieve something when I’m around, she’s always got a huge smile on her face

She says she no longer worries when she drops things any more… because she can simply search, find and rescue it in seconds.


UPDATE: Here’s where you can get the best deal on an ODii Pick-Up Power Grip.

ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is now available nationwide – and even better, they’re offering a bunch of special “early bird discounts”… so this is the perfect time to stock up!

Obviously, the ODii Pick-Up Power Grip is perfect for your home– but they’re also great to have in the car, garage or office even. They also make great gifts for loved ones as well!

IMPORTANT NOTE: When ODii Pick-Up Power Grip was first released to the public, they sold out in days. As of this writing, they’re back in stock – but there’s no guarantee it will last. So if you’re thinking of grabbing your own set of ODii Pick-Up Power Grip and one for a loved one, I suggest doing it ASAP in case they run out again soon. Click here to get your  ODii Pick-UP Power Grip

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